Road Map 2

What's in store for Roadmap 2 ?


A much requested utility from the community to increase scarcity was to burn, well we aren't about 'burning' koalas. So we have taken this on board from suggestions and are going to introduce the swamp. You will be able to take floor Drop Bears and send them to the swamp to recieve a totally new Drop Bear from a new collection !

You will select 2 Drop Bears and send them to investigate the noises coming from the swamp, only 1 Drop Bear will return and it will be different. They might even need to ride a Bush Chook.

More details to be released as they are finalised.

Sneak Peak at some swampified traits


Did someone say listing on ?
Limited amount of T-Shirts for giveaways, turn those notifications on for twitter !

Drop Bears / Maddies Listings


We have proudly launched our Axie Scholarship Program !
This will allow any of our Drop Bear community members to play Axies and earn an income with a play to earn game. This also introduces new people into our space and opens up opportunities for people to try Axies out.
You can apply here


Currently in development, You will be able to stake your Drop Bears and Bush Chooks for tokens to use within our game !

Sneak at staking Interface


We have hired a company to build out our vision, progress will be rolled out in stages so stay tuned.

Designs for game UI
Designs for Game Ui


The team have successfully completed a few AMAs with many more to come !
If you have any questions regarding the project be sure to jump into our discord and lookout for those AMA announcements.
Even if you just want to hop in and talk with the founders.