Photo Booth Is Here !
Our photo booth is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the NFT space, Drop Bear holders will be able to dynamically change the background of their NFTS. After many suggestions from the community regarding animated backgrounds (thanks Robzy) we asked if it would be possible to have more than just static images in our photo booth, Our Dev KingDraco who we jokingly call the magician has gone above and beyond to make animated backgrounds a feature !
How the Photo Booth works

The photo booth has a UI that will allow you to switch between the Drop Bears currently in your meta mask wallet.

You can click the left and right arrows to select the Drop Bear you would like and also the background you would like.

Once you have made your decision you can click update.

If at any point you no longer wish to keep the background you have selected you can simply re-connect your meta mask and select the Drop Bear in the photo booth again.

You will be able to change the background back to a flat colour or to any other image of your choice from the available backgrounds.

This will require another transaction fee.

( To view your new background go to )

OpenSea will not correctly update metadata so you will not be able to view your new background on their platform currently.