The Drop Bears lore

In the Australian outback lies a town named after the Indigenous word for Koala, Nah Nah Goon (it is also the residents favourite beverage). Living on the outskirts of the town's main strip, these Aussie battlers numb their daily struggles with alcohol and pharmaceuticals. The most recent struggle? A chlamydia epidemic sweeping through the community like wildfire.

Despite their alcoholism, drug habits and sexually transmitted infection epidemics, these bogan bears have developed a unique governance that allows each and every one of their worthless opinions to be heard. These degenerates - often reeking of winnie reds, burnt eucalyptus leaves and treated pine from the new estate - band together around a bonfire, the immense blaze surrounded by a ring of rancid curb side couches. Many of the bears will attend these events fresh from a few glass BBQs and voice their opinion while taking turns playing the gatorade saxophone.


There is, every now and then, a rare Drop Bear who aims higher than the branches they once called home. Among these shameless individuals you will meet the self-proclaimed community leader of Willows Caravan Park - Ernie. Many consider Ernie a raging success, and are even more impressed since they've never seen him sober. His hoarding has gotten out of control to the point his pregnant missus is always yelling at him to “clean up his shit” and threatening to call the local council. Ernie has two best mates - Marty D Bear and Koala Kev - that always have his back even if it’s to help Ernie do BnE’s to steal (from the wealthier end of town) other koalas gum leaves in the dead of night.

Marty D. Bear

Marty D. Bear had one of the most depressing stories which matched equally with his morbidly depressed soul. Lightning struck the scraggly gum-tree they called home, disintegrating it before their eyes. His mother had to abandon him in the boot of a discarded KE70 Corolla to save him from the vicious thunderstorm. Unfortunately Marty D. Bear's mother never returned and the image of her depositing him into that KE70 Corolla became his last memory of her, or any member of his family. Compelled to cherish the rusted out shitbox forever, Marty crafted axles out of logs and pushed it everywhere with him, often only a few meters a day, until one fateful day he found himself his own dystopia within Willows caravan park.

Koala Kev

Koala Kev, the boisterous lariken who loves metaphorically and literally shitting on his friends and fellow community members. A prankster, a troll and all-around terrible bear from the outside looking in. Kev’s perverted nature and over sex drive led him to have way too many kids for any single drop bear (and enough chlamydia to eradicate the entire species). One of the most unique bears, not for his personality but for the sheer fact he is the only ginger koala to have ever existed. Potentially a driving factor behind his mass reproduction.